With cutting-edge evaporative cooling and ventilation technology sweeping across the technological spectrum, Air Solutions Asia is proud to offer our vendors and customers a broad range of our ASA-COOL Evaporative Coolers. Regardless of area, from small offices to factories, we've got what you want. All purchase comes with installation and warranty.

Our sales package includes:
- Delivery & Installation
- On-site training
- 1-year warranty

Our rental package includes:
Rental by day / week / month

To get a quote or a no-obligation consultation, email info@airsolutionsasia.com or call 6781 1468 now.

One-stop solution from delivery, installation, removal to pick-up. Air Solutions Asia's value-added service also includes commercial and industrial interior design, office system enhancement, furnishing etc. Our professional team of designers and engineers are dedicated to delivering a total customer solution. Your satisfaction is our motivation.

Click www.build-design.com.sg for projects on interior design.

Some of our satisfied customers:

F&B Outlets :      OverEasy Bar & Diner
                            Mandarin Hotel Bar
                            Jin Long Seafood
                            Marina Country Club

Retail Outlets:    Taka Jewellery

Offices :               Sunningdale Tech

Factory/W/Hse : Panasonic Refrigeration
                             Bio Laboratories
                             Seah Spices Food Ind
                             Hoo Soon Engineering
                             Sunningdale Tech


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