Mobile type ASA-18-CENTRIFUGAL Detailed Product Description:

1. Super energy saving, it requires only 1.5kw per hour to cool a 100-150m2 factory
2. Single-phase 220V input. With touch screen, remote and inverter controller with 12 stage speed adjusting.
3. Three-phase 220V copper-wire motor with heavy cast iron cabinet, starting and running smoothly,
anti-corrosion of acid and alkali.
4. Automatically protect for over current/voltage, lack current/voltage and water shortage. Self cleaning function
5. Direct connection type of centrifugal fan with high hydrostatic pressure ,low noise and long delivery distance,
particularly suitable for commercial places which requires little noise
6. With extra thick and firm CO-PP plastic cabinet, age inhibiting ,never rust ,long life duration
7. With high quality evaporative filter cooling pad, good effect of evaporating and reducing temperature,
easy to clean, edge binding protected and durable
8. Open-type hard water pipe along with water distribution system ensures spraying water evenly and smoothly
9. Different design of up outlet, down outlet and side outlet can meet various engineering needs of the environment
10. With super silent wind pipe which is specially used for internet bar, offices, supermarket, carparks, etc

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Model Max Airflow Pressure Volt/HZ Output Speed Fan type Dimension Weigh
(m3/h) (pa) (V/HZ) (KW)     (LxWxH)
ASA- 18-CT 18000 300 380/50 1.5 Single Centrifugal 1100


Application Area Cover
Controller *Noise Air Discharge
(m) (m) (LxW) (mm) L   (db)A  
100-150 40 Variable 25 touch screen <=83 Top/Side/Bottom