Air Solutions Asia, through innovation, offers a wide range of energy-efficient and cost-saving air-cooling solutions both outdoor and indoor.
Our Research and Development efforts have resulted in a number of proprietary designs catered for commercial and industrial cooling needs. Our high efficiency coolers are among the top choices in the local market.

Our ASA-COOL evaporative air coolers respond to the global call for a "CLEAN & GREEN" environment, by reducing the amount of energy used while maintaining a same level of service equivalent to an air-conditioner or other evaporative air coolers.

Our vast experience and with the fact of customer comments, we try to find the best solution for your Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Agriculture or Sports related applications. We are committed to satisfy customers needs by providing them quality products and service commitments. Our very goal is to become the most favored brand and choice among the hearts of our customers. We expect to achieve this by making fulfillment excellence our above central operating strategy.

We constantly challenge ourselves to continue to be a step ahead in terms of quality products and personalized service. We appreciate your continued support and comments.

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